We are a professional team of lawyers and certified translators specialized in English-Spanish-English legal translation and with more than 15 years of work experience in Mexico and in the United States of America.

Our translators have strong linguistic and literary backgrounds, also have a wide vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and special turns of phrases which allows them to do the work well. We are also well acquainted with the institutions, concepts and practice of the law in both legal systems, are fully bilingual and scholar familiar with the complexity of comparative law.

Our work is highly specialized which force us to determine the similarities and differences between the concepts used, to know how to use the proper technical terms, and to render our clients  accurate, well-written and easily understandable translations.

Our translators are certified by the Department of Professions of the State Government of Michoacan Ministry of Education, as well as authorized by the Michoacan State Judicial Branch.